Saturday, 11 April 2015

Who is chArles?!

I know I was a little late to jump on the band wagon, but as soon as I watched the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars there was no going back! I watched it CONSTANTLY- and somehow inbetween college, work and dancing I managed to watched the whole five series in just a few weeks. I love love LOVE it!!

I watched the final season and finale episode whilst I was away on holiday last week, and my brain is still trying to work out who chArles really could be. (Apologies for spoilers) I really think that chArles must be a brother to either spencer, Jason or Toby... That family connection is in there somewhere and I'm dying to find out how! Luckily tumblr is filled with pll theories which are helping me figure out some clues, but for any certain answers it will be a long old wait until season six premieres in June!

I now also absolutely adore Ashley Benson and think both her and her style are incredible!! I do feel slightly better knowing it's not only me who has become obsessed... It was my friends and my sister who got me watching it in the first place!

Apparently the real answer is so heartbreakingly twisted, sad and beautiful that no one will expect it... I can't wait!

Who do you think chArles really is?

Or are there any other series that I can turn my attention to whilst I wait for 'A'nswers?

x ciao x

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