Saturday, 11 April 2015

Who is chArles?!

I know I was a little late to jump on the band wagon, but as soon as I watched the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars there was no going back! I watched it CONSTANTLY- and somehow inbetween college, work and dancing I managed to watched the whole five series in just a few weeks. I love love LOVE it!!

I watched the final season and finale episode whilst I was away on holiday last week, and my brain is still trying to work out who chArles really could be. (Apologies for spoilers) I really think that chArles must be a brother to either spencer, Jason or Toby... That family connection is in there somewhere and I'm dying to find out how! Luckily tumblr is filled with pll theories which are helping me figure out some clues, but for any certain answers it will be a long old wait until season six premieres in June!

I now also absolutely adore Ashley Benson and think both her and her style are incredible!! I do feel slightly better knowing it's not only me who has become obsessed... It was my friends and my sister who got me watching it in the first place!

Apparently the real answer is so heartbreakingly twisted, sad and beautiful that no one will expect it... I can't wait!

Who do you think chArles really is?

Or are there any other series that I can turn my attention to whilst I wait for 'A'nswers?

x ciao x

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cheddar Gorge

 Who knew Lodges could be so fancy?

Last week I spent the most amazing few days at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, where we stayed at a lovely spar resort. And the best part was that we got to be VIPs without paying the VIP prices!! (We are yet to discover why this was haha!)

We stayed in a brand new lodge..being the first people to ever stay in it which was pretty cool! I even preferred it to my own house; I'd quite happily live there tbh! We had five TVs, an enormous, beautiful kitchen, an Apple TV, play station 4 and even a jacuzzi!! It was literally Heaven!

It was so nice to have five relaxing days away, doing nothing but eat chocolate, lay in the jacuzzi and spend endless hours watching Netflix (Pretty Little Liars has got me hooked!) and being able to spend a few uniterupted days with my family. 

The week before I had my dance school show which completely knackered me out, leaving me like a zombie/ old woman for the days to follow... I felt as though I needed a walking stick my knees and back were hurting so bad! So the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room was a v good call.

It was also the last chance that I will properly have to relax before the stress of my A2 exams (which are aproachimg so fast it's v v scary!) And pig out on food as much as possible before I start a strict Ibiza diet for the summer, if I have any chance of looking half decent in a bikini!

The gorge itself was quite breath taking, and the caves were absolutely stunning (I shall leave some images below), but I have to say that my favourite part was watching the goats climb up the side of the steep gorge to reach the highest point of grass possible... It was so funny I could have watched them all day!! 

So I'll leave you by saying that don't ever forget to give yourself those moments to relax, whether it's for a week or just a few hours, you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make!

What's your favourite thing to do when your body needs that time to relax? 

x ciao x

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Time is a funny thing...

How does time go by so quickly? 
I have to admit that my commitment to my blog last summer failed miserably. 'I'll write a blog post this week' soon turns into 'oh I must write a blog post soon' and soon 'after Christmas I'll make a brand new start to my blog' ... And then before you know it its five months later and we're at the end of March!!

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm annoyed at myself. Writing a blog was something that I wanted to do despite being busy at college or with work or anything else that rudely decides to take over my life. But instead of leaving myself time to sit down, relax with a cuppa tea and write a blog post, I let myself forget about it and the promise that I made to myself.

But for no longer! 
I must must must not let time be an excuse for neglecting my blog, and from now on I will try my upmost hardest to write a post as often as possible!

Let's see how long I last this time... 

Hopefully longer than the first attempt!

Ps. Thank you for not unfollowing me whilst I've been away, whether you just purely forgot that you followed me or were genuinely waiting for my return... I appreciate it so thank you :)

x ciao x

Friday, 5 September 2014

The most magical place on Earth!!

Without any doubt whatsoever, my most favourite place I have ever visited, ever, is DisneyLand Paris! (Well, that's until I get a chance to visit Disney Universal in Florida!)
I've visited Disneyland Paris four times now, and I would live or work there if I could, and hope to someday as a Disney Princess- wouldn't that be just the most amazing job ever!?

Anywhooo, this Summer me and my family went to a really lovely campsite in France, and we traveled to Disney for one of the days, (although, it was such a tiring day it felt like much longer!!) and we all had such a lovely, magical day. 
In the morning we went to the Walt Disney park, and went on all time fave rides, including the best ever roller coaster... Rock n Roller! It was certainly an exciting start to the morning!! Traveling from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds in complete darkness is definitely a way to wake you up! And the awesome Aerosmith tracks blasting against your eardrums certainly helps.

The afternoon was spent in DisneyLand, going on our favourite rides, watching the parades and eating yummy chicken nuggets and pizza! As well as flying through space on Space Mountain, riding a boat on Its a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean, and soaring through the sky with Peter Pan. 

But without fail, the best part of the day was definitely the Disney Dreams Night Show. They is nothing like it, it is so beautiful and just makes me so so happy haha!! I'm still a Disney child at heart! So please excuse the rather enormous list of pictures I have left below!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Holiday Outfit~2

Following my previous post, this is also one of my favourite holiday outfits that I wore in Ibiza, I was wearing Miss Selfridge from head to toe (apart from well, my toes, which are New Look haha), and Miss Selfride is definitely one of my all time fave shops!

I wore this outfit on our trip to the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, I have to say that is definitely where the party is at on the island! Needless to say that me and my family didn't go at midnight to hit the clubs, but instead went to watch the beautiful sunset from the beach, and have drinks after at CafĂ© Mambo. 

We left around twelve (just as people started going into the clubs) and I swear I have never been in a busier bus- let alone at one in the morning!! There were so many people waiting for a bus it was ridiculous. It was busier there at that time that it is anywhere during the day!

Even putting up with this, I still had a lovely evening, and I'll include some snaps of my outfit and the Strip below :)

x Ciao x

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Holiday Outfit~1

As promised, I am going to do a few posts based on my favourite holiday outfits, the first being this one!
Although this blouse and shorts combo is not exactly a dressy or fancy outfit, I still really like it as to me it felt really summery. I wore it on our evening to Santa Eulalia, which had the most beautiful marina and views. 

I'm not sure whether it is meant to be or not, but I did try to wear this blouse (H&M) off the shoulder, as I find this is a really flattering neckline, although it did keep sliding up onto my shoulders damn it, like how it is in the pictures below haha!

I found that I really liked wearing these shorts (New Look), as unlike the majority of other denim shorts I own, they didn't leave me with a humungous gap at the back of my waist, even though they just about fit my bum! (I'm sure most of you can relate to this annoyance!) And so this meant I felt a lot more comforatble wearing them with a crop top. 

My sandals are also from New Look, but they are in fact from the kids section (well the teenager 'Generation' section to be precise) haha! But I don't care because I really love them and think they're super comfy and cute. 

Lastly, my sunglasses (being used as a headband here oops) are from Primark, and my lipstick is Kate Moss 01 by Rimmel London- which is one of my faves!

Not too sure what's happening in the last one, but it was fun at the time haha!

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have this problem with denim shorts and jeans?

x Ciao x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Holiday Snaps!

I have just back from an absolutely amazingggg holiday in Ibiza with my family, and am now very sad to be back in Essex in the rain!! :(

The weather out there was just beautiful- although someday's I did find it felt as though the sun was physically frying my skin OUCH. But on these occasions I could simply jump right into the pool or the sea. 

I realised this holiday that floating calmly over the sea waves on a lilo is one of my all time favourite things to do, and I wish that I could just jet off to clear blue seas any time I am feeling stressed or need some relaxation time! It's so peaceful to just feel the waves moving beneath you, the sun shining down with a slight breeze in the air, and nothing but the sea and sky as your view. 

I haven't stopped flicking through the (hundreds- yep slightly over done it) pictures that I took during my week away, and so I thought I'd share a few snaps with you now. 

I am also going to do posts over the next few days showing my fave outfits; but didn't want to bombard you with dozens of pictures all at once haha!

Is it only me who takes far too many pictures than is necessary? 

x Ciao x