Monday, 18 August 2014

Holiday Outfit~2

Following my previous post, this is also one of my favourite holiday outfits that I wore in Ibiza, I was wearing Miss Selfridge from head to toe (apart from well, my toes, which are New Look haha), and Miss Selfride is definitely one of my all time fave shops!

I wore this outfit on our trip to the Sunset Strip in San Antonio, I have to say that is definitely where the party is at on the island! Needless to say that me and my family didn't go at midnight to hit the clubs, but instead went to watch the beautiful sunset from the beach, and have drinks after at CafĂ© Mambo. 

We left around twelve (just as people started going into the clubs) and I swear I have never been in a busier bus- let alone at one in the morning!! There were so many people waiting for a bus it was ridiculous. It was busier there at that time that it is anywhere during the day!

Even putting up with this, I still had a lovely evening, and I'll include some snaps of my outfit and the Strip below :)

x Ciao x

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