Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Holiday Outfit~1

As promised, I am going to do a few posts based on my favourite holiday outfits, the first being this one!
Although this blouse and shorts combo is not exactly a dressy or fancy outfit, I still really like it as to me it felt really summery. I wore it on our evening to Santa Eulalia, which had the most beautiful marina and views. 

I'm not sure whether it is meant to be or not, but I did try to wear this blouse (H&M) off the shoulder, as I find this is a really flattering neckline, although it did keep sliding up onto my shoulders damn it, like how it is in the pictures below haha!

I found that I really liked wearing these shorts (New Look), as unlike the majority of other denim shorts I own, they didn't leave me with a humungous gap at the back of my waist, even though they just about fit my bum! (I'm sure most of you can relate to this annoyance!) And so this meant I felt a lot more comforatble wearing them with a crop top. 

My sandals are also from New Look, but they are in fact from the kids section (well the teenager 'Generation' section to be precise) haha! But I don't care because I really love them and think they're super comfy and cute. 

Lastly, my sunglasses (being used as a headband here oops) are from Primark, and my lipstick is Kate Moss 01 by Rimmel London- which is one of my faves!

Not too sure what's happening in the last one, but it was fun at the time haha!

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have this problem with denim shorts and jeans?

x Ciao x

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