Sunday, 20 July 2014

I Want Thicker Hair!

 L'oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology 

I have always had quite thin hair, volume is just out of the question any time I want to do a stylish updo (or even just have it natural!!), so when I saw these products advertised on TV I thought 'I just have to try them out'- especially as they were on a three for £10 offer in Boots (saving me over £6 on the products I chose- pretty awesome deal right?!)

Out of the products available I chose the Thickening Masque, the Conditioner and the Thickness Creation Double Serum. All seen here.
I'm not totally sure how it works, but it contains a substance called Filloxane which penetrates and expands each hair particle- I'm not good with techy stuff, but I do know that it works and I love it!

I now use the Masque and Conditioner every time I wash my hair, although I admit I rarely use the thickening serum as it is best to apply this on dry hair and I usually either forget, or don't want to waste it if I'm having a 'hair up kinda day'. 

Anywho, by using the other two products on their own, I have noticed an almighty difference to the thickness and texture of my hair. It has definitely made it a lot thicker on the length, however not so much on the roots, which is where I feel I need the biggest thickness boost (although this could be from me rarely using the serum, OOPS!)

Apart from thickening, I have also found that these products have left my hair feeling much much softer - I usually leave the Masque in for 3 to 5 minutes after shampooing my hair and then rinse before using the conditioner, which I then brush through my hair with my tangle teaser (another awesome product I must add!)

Overall I feel that these are great products, and have certainly made a big difference to my hair!
Also, who doesn't love a great Boots beauty bargain?!

Have any of you tried a different product from this range?

x Ciao x

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