Friday, 25 July 2014

My new favourite shop!

Last Saturday me and my friend Emily (check out her awesome blog here!! went on a shopping spree to buy ourselves some bits and pieces for our holidays. Although we didn't actually buy many things, the few things that we did buy were pretty great, and so I think that that makes the shopping trip quite successful!! 

Anywho, Emily decided that it was high time that I took my first trip to Boux Avenue (which is ((a slightly expensive I may add)) underwear and bikini store) and I have to say that it is my new favourite shop!! Apart from anything else, the changing rooms were absolutely AMAZING! Instead of having numbers, each room was named after a fabric (I was in chiffon) and had three sets of lights- Day, Night or Dusk, which I found super cool and fun!

Now, I'm not going to lie, I am someone who usually does the majority of their underwear and bikini shopping in Primark or H&M (I know I'm cheap!!) and so this shop was a very luxurious experience for me!! I fell in love with this bikini as soon as I walked into the store and took absolutely FOREVER trying to decide if I could justify paying for it - knowing full well I didn't really need another bikini for my holiday. The bikini is called Ipanema Bandeau Bikini, and is black (glittery gold on the inside- it's such a shame its hidden on the inside!) and has a beautiful pink and gold metal flower on the top and bottoms-I'm slightly worried the metal will get very very hot in the sun and burn me, not very practical but oh well haha!

After A LOT of dithering about, I finally decided to buy this gorgeous bikini and I'm so glad I did, I cannot wait to wear it on the beach in Ibiza! I'll pop some photos of it below- not of me wearing it of course, I don't think anyone is ready to see that on the internet!! But if any of you are like me and are usually a very boring underwear or bikini shopper, then Boux Avenue is the place to go! You'll love it...I promise!!

P.S. this shopping trip was also rather fab as me and Emily each got two free cookies from Millies Cookies- not ideal for the bikinis we had just bought haha! (I had a milk chocolate chip and a double chocolate one and they were both VERY yummy!!)

What is your favourite shop at the moment?

x Ciao x

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